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Below you will find "HELP" on using our site and the requirements
needed to properly view our site for optimal success:

Screen Resolution & Color:

1024px x 768px Preferred - (Minimum of 800px x 600px)
Millions of Colors Preferred - (Minimum should be Thousands of Colors)


A JavaScript Enabled Browser

If you currently have JavaScript disabled please enable it now, unless your
system administrator does not allow for it to be enabled.

See Navigation Note Below

Browser Support:

PC Browsers:
Internet Explorer 6+ Windows PC
Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7+ Windows PC
Netscape Browser 8+ Windows PC

MAC Browsers:
Safari 1.3+ Macintosh
Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7+ Macintosh

Internet Connection:

Cable or DSL
is the preferred method of connection, however we understand
not all viewers are able to have a high speed connection. We have tried to
accommodate those that use a dial-up connection. However your experience may
be slower and we apologize for this. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Reporting Errors or Problems:

If you find an error or broken link etc., within our site, please contact us via
our contact form. Please reference the problem and related details in your
submitted response.

Navigation throughout the site:

To navigate through our site you will be able to utilize the two menu systems
located on most pages. ALL pages include the blue horizontal drop down menu
located near the top of each page. Each subsequent page has an additional
vertical menu located on the left side of the page towards the top for further
navigation of each sub-section.

IMPORTANT NOTE on Navigation: if you experience problems using our
navigation system, it may be due to JavaScript not being enabled or supported
within your chosen browser, most modern browsers have JavaScript support
built in. However some system administrators disable this feature for increased
security measures. If you're having trouble using our menu system due to this,
please use the alternate link and site map provided - here.

Thank you for visiting our site.
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